In all youth, high school, and college sports the parents, coaches, and players all want the same thing, this being that the athletes perform to the absolute best of their ability on the field. However, what not many people know is that one of the the keys to high performance on the field is hard work away from the field. Athlete Ready provides athletes with a sport-specific and athlete-specific strength and conditioning program that helps the athlete meet and even exceed their goals, become stronger, and helps them stay injury-free.





One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is an injury that prevents them from playing their sport. The recovery time can be extensive and both the injured player and their team can be impacted by it. All of the coaches at Athlete Ready understand the frustration of these injuries from their own experiences, and work to make sure these injuries do not happen in the first place to keep the athlete playing their sport. This all starts with the coaches pushing proper technique to make sure that the athlete can perform movements without putting their body in a position where there is a high chance of injury. The coaches at Athlete Ready also put a big focus on landing mechanics, which is something that athletes of all ages should and needs to work on. Improper landing mechanics is a large cause of injury in athletes, more specifically knee injuries. Jumping is repeatedly performed by athletes in almost every sport, so the more and more an athlete lands from these jumps with improper mechanics, the more damage they are doing to their knees. A result that can be seen from continued use of poor landing mechanics is a tear of the ACL often requiring surgery and not being able to play for a long time. Sending an athlete to Athlete Ready is an investment in keeping your athlete healthy and on the field, and our coaches form their programs to fit the exact needs of each individual athlete to make sure that they get the most out of this investment.


Injuries can be frustrating but there is always a way to improve even when you are not able to play your sport. Athlete Ready has trained many athletes who have had an injury and even athletes a little while after surgery for their injury. One athlete that is currently training at Athlete Ready, Destinee Vigil, is a basketball player who is about to go play at Trinidad State. Destinee had completely torn her ACL, LCL, and MCL and had a partial tear of her meniscus while playing basketball. After this injury, she came to Athlete Ready with the goal of becoming stronger to help with performance and to help prevent future injuries from happening when she is able to get back to playing. Coach Jared has been working with Destinee for a while, designing workouts to make Destinee a better and stronger athlete while slowly progressing the amount of stress and pressure that is put on the recovering knee. When asked about her progress since starting at Athlete Ready, Destinee said:


“The biggest improvements I have seen since coming to Athlete Ready are strength in my upper body and in every way that I wasn’t when I first came in. My knee has come a long way since starting here and has really helped with my recovery. Coach Jared motivates me to work harder and be the athlete I am today by making my programs to help me improve in all of the areas I need to.” –Destinee Vigil (Trinidad State-basketball)


Destinee is just one of many athletes that we see at Athlete Ready that have seen huge results since starting with our coaches. She is a great example of how our coaches can form programs around setbacks (or injuries) and get great results while still helping the healing process for the injury.




While offseason and preseason strength and conditioning is very common and useful in youth and high school athletes, many athletes stop their programs as soon as their season starts. Understandably, during the season spare time can be hard to come by with games, practices, and school work. But after working hard all offseason and preseason in the gym, taking the season off can result in the loss of the strength over time that athlete trained so hard to get. So, as the season progresses, the athlete is losing their strength and the force they can produce decreases. This means that at the end of the season, when the athlete wants to be at their best, they will have less strength than they had when the season began. Continuing training during the sport season is essential to maintain and even improve the athlete’s strength and keep their performance at a high level. Just coming into the gym twice a week for an hour during the season can make a difference in the athlete’s performance.


Issues that some coaches and parents have with strength and conditioning training during the season is that the athlete will be overworked and be too tired to perform or will hurt themselves from overuse. The coaches at Athlete Ready have experience and know how to manage workouts with the sport’s practice and game schedule to keep the athlete healthy and in top shape to perform. When the athlete is coming from a practice or game or has something with the sport after the training session, the coaches either make the workout easier on the athlete’s body or they use a recovery session instead where the athlete works on loosening their muscles and keeping them healthy and improving range of motion for the athlete. They use this session to help relieve some of the stress on the muscles so that the athlete is getting something positive from the session while keeping them healthy and ready to compete for their team.