Exclusive (One on One):

These are training programs that are individualized to meet the needs of each athlete. Athletes that are programmed exclusively will have the opportunity to work with an AR Sport Performance Coach one on one to receive full attention and adequate coaching as well as nutritional guidance to maximize performance. Prices for exclusive training range depending on the length of the contract and the frequency of sessions per week.

Specialized Groups:

These specialized small groups are determined based on level and common goals, NOT necessarily the sport. AR Athletes  train among other athletes within the same session but they have their own individualized program. Space is limited for each session. There is a One, Three and Six month commitment plan. Price depends on the length of contract and the frequency of sessions per week.

Team Training:

We also have team training available for any youth club teams interested. Teams will be provided with specific programming and instruction that best fits their needs. Price is negotiable and dependent on the length of contract and training frequency per week.

Check out our app! If you are in a specialized group or personal training athlete, contact your strength coach to get you registered. Adult class sign up is here!